weatherization-sill-pan-flashing-pans-traysJamsill Guard® sill pans installed in your home help prevent many long term problems associated with water leakage around the sills and framing of your doors and windows. These problems include buckling floors, stained carpets, and rot. Water leakage in these areas is common, but can be prevented by the simple installation of our inexpensive sill pan during construction.

Jamsill Guard® has been the industry leader in sill pan technology since 1983 and is proud to continue the advancement in sill pan design. Jamsill Guard® sill pan products incorporate features we feel make it the premier sill pan product line in the world. Such features include:

• Sloped weep areas that direct ambient moisture away from areas that could be damaged by it

• Durable weather resistant materials

• Easy installation with our adjustable multiple piece design.

Compare the price of our Jamsill Guard® products to the cost of a new floor, carpet, or wall or window, and you will see it only makes sense to use Jamsill Guard®.

Jamsill Guard® sill pans are NOW AVAILABLE in the easy-to-use Quick-Kit™ by DAP®­

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