Company History

facility_insideJamsill, Inc. was founded in October of 1983 by Gregory A. Moffitt and Glenn E. Brown in the Santa Cruz mountains of California. Greg was a builder by trade who saw the need for a quick and economical solution to the perpetual problem of leaking doors and windows. Greg had never invented anything before, but he had a friend who had. He took his concept to Glenn, a Plastics Engineer and the Jamsill Guard® was born. Together, Greg and Glenn patented the sill pan and began marketing it in a warehouse in Campbell, CA. In January of 1986, Greg moved his family and Jamsill, Inc. to Southern Oregon. Initially, Jamsill, Inc. was run out of a small outbuilding at the Moffitt’s house.

About 1 year later, the Moffitt family and Jamsill, Inc. moved again, this time only up the street. For about 10 years, Jamsill, Inc. was run out of a 1,200/sf shop with attached garage and RV storage. Jamsill, Inc. continued to operate in this location until it was just about busting at the seams.

In 1997, construction on a new 3,500/sf Jamsill building began in Ashland, OR. In February of 2003 (needing more room again) Jamsill, Inc. completed an addition to the warehouse increasing space to 6,500/sf.

Always looking toward the future, Jamsill, Inc. purchased it’s own injection molding plant in January 2005. Located in Central Point, Oregon, Dedicated Plastics began full production of the Jamsill Guard® in February 2005.

To streamline operations, Jamsill, Inc. moved into the Dedicated Plastics building in March 2009.