Jamsill Guard® FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What if there are no dealers in my area?

Simply call 1-800-JAMSILL (526-7455) and order direct.

What if I have a non-standard rough opening?

We can custom cut our sill pans to fit any size rough opening. Just tell us the rough opening dimension when ordering, or order the next larger size and trim down the center section.

What do I do if my Jamsill Guard® is larger than the rough opening?

Measure how much material needs to be trimmed off the center piece, and use a hacksaw or a pair of tin snips to cut. Be sure the center piece fits within the recessed glue tab areas and that you maintain the required overlap.

What are the set times/bonding times?

Typically it will take approximately 5 minutes to bond the pieces together using regular PVC cement. However bonding times vary depending on temperature and humidity. The higher the humidity and/or the colder the temperature the longer it will take to bond.

What adhesives work for installation?

ABS or PVC Cement is the only bonding agent that can be used. **Do Not Use All Purpose Cement or Caulking**

How much bonding area (overlap) is required?

At least 1 1/2″ overlap at each joint is required for proper bonding.

How do I know which sill pan fits my door or window?

For swinging doors and wood windows measure the jamb width. For sliding doors and vinyl windows measure from the nail fin back to the interior edge of the door/window frame. If you are installing an out-swing door make sure the jamb dimension is the same as the wall thickness. Sometimes a 4 9/16″ jamb out-swing door is used in a 6 9/16″ wall.

Does the Jamsill Guard® need to be glued into the rough opening?

No. Once the door or window is installed, the Jamsill Guard® is locked into place. Caulking can be used under the pan to prevent air/pest infiltration.

Do I need to adjust my rough opening size to accommodate the Jamsill Guard® ?

The Jamsill Guard® is 1/8″ thick. Typically you won’t need to adjust your RO tolerances to accommodate our sillpan. But if you are concerned with fit, an 1/8″ to 1/4″ would be fine.


PREVENT Costly Damage

Jamsill Guard® works to provide barrier to protect door and window sills from water damage, dry rot and mold!

At YOUR Favorite Hardware Store

Jamsill Guard® sill can be found at many local Lumber and Building Supply outlets all across the USA and is also available online at Lowes.com. You can also give us a call or fill out our contact form for personalized help locating our products near you.

Fast, Easy 2-STEP Installation

Jamsill Guard® use three piece permanently seamed together to form a water-tight sill pan to protect your home or project!