Jamsill Guard® sill pan flashing is designed to prevent water damage from window and door leaks. Manufacturedfrom high impact ABS plastics, Jamsill Guard® will not corrode or deteriorate over time. Our products have been time tested for over 28 years with over 2 million sold and not one reported leak.

JamsillGuard’s three-piece designallows the installer on-site adjustability to fit all rough openings and is bonded together in the field with PVC cement. Jamsill Guard® sill pan flashing products are available in 8 different depths and will accommodate most door and window applications in either 2×4 or 2×6 construction.

  • • 1 1/8″ Depth – For aluminum and vinyl windows.
  • • 2 3/8″ Depth – For vinyl windows.
  • • 3 1/4″ Depth – For vinyl and aluminum patio sliders.
  • • 3 5/8″ Depth – For vinyl and aluminum patio sliders.
  • • 4 1/8″ Depth – For Doors & Windows.
  • • 4 9/16″ Depth – For Doors & Windows.
  • • 6 9/16″ Depth – For Doors & Windows.
  • • 6 13/16″ Depth – For Doors & Windows.

Jamsill Guard® products include features that make it the premier sill pan flashing avaliable

Features include:

* Sloped weep areas direct moisture toward the exterior of the structure.
* 3-piece design allows for on-site adjustability.
* Inexpensive and easy to install.
* Bonds together with PVC cement.
* Durable impact resistant ABS plastics: Impervious to rust, corrosion and electrolysis.

Compare the price of our Jamsill Guard® products with the cost of repairing water damage, or replacing expensive flooring or carpeting.
You will see it only makes sense to use Jamsill Guard® sill pan flashing.